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We have assembled a few slide shows to provide a graphic presentation of some of our projects:

Whiting Furnace - Our client, Whiting Equipment, needed to move a 125 ton furnace from their plant in Welland, Ontario, Canada to their customer, a steel manufacturer, in Monroe, Michigan, U.S.A. This project showcases Oversize Direct's expertise in multi-modal transport of oversized cargo as well as many other areas. These include consulting, collaborative logistics planning and management, the ability to facilitate all aspects of a project - carriers, escorts, route surveys, permits, customs clearance, insurance, etc. Our experience allows us to carefully consider cost effective transport of our clients' valuable shipments. In this case, Whiting contacted us prior to construction of the furnace to ascertain whether transport was possible, the costs involved and the optimal configuration of the furnace for transport. When fabricated, the furnace was in two pieces - a base (40'x30'x11', weighing 90 tons) and a shell (30'x20'x10', weighing 35 tons). We transported it, using truck and barge, safely and under budget. (Click to see the pictures)


Sterling Crane - Oversize Direct was contracted to move a mobile truck crane from Sterling Cranes in Edmonton, Alberta to the Port of Hamilton in Ontario. The crane was a large piece of equipment capable of lifting 800 tons. The move consisted of the crane house (50'x10'x9', weighing 63 tons), the crane carrier (57'x10'x9', weighing 44 tons) and 20 legal sized truck loads consisting of the counterweight, the disassembled 500' boom and miscellaneous parts. The crane had to be knocked-down and the parts carefully catalogued and loaded over three days in the dead of winter. The task was exacerbated by limited daylight and extremely frigid temperatures. The crane carrier had to be moved under its own power. This project highlights Oversize Direct's expertise in logistics planning and management. The loading operation was completed with a minimum of costly idle time and our seamless interaction with the shipper, receiver, insurance underwriters, Government agencies, crane operators, riggers and heavy-haul truckers resulted in successful completion of the project. All loads were delivered safely, on time and on budget. We take pride in our ability to mitigate problems between stakeholders in the performance of their duties which results in always delivering excellent customer service. (Click to see the pictures)


Brewery Vat - Our client, another forwarder, arranged to have Oversize Direct coordinate delivery of a large stainless steel beer vat (20'x20'x13.5', weighing 10 tons) from a vessel arriving at the Port of Hamilton to a brewery plant in Guelph, Ontario. The trip was only 40 miles but the dimensions of the vat made it both over-width and over-height. This necessitated careful planning to convince the Ontario Ministry of Transport to grant the required permits. This project illustrates the importance of attention to detail in the planning and execution of any oversized transport project. The permits, police escorts, and stevedores and crane availability were precisely coordinated after arrival of the vessel to avoid costly delays. By relying on our experience, our freight forwarder client made safe delivery of the vat, on time and on budget. By leveraging our expertise, this forwarder was able to offer an excellent breakbulk solution. (Click to see the pictures)


Formula One Show Car - Our client, Teleglobe, scheduled a number of events around the world to display their car and promote their involvement in F1 racing. Due to the delicate nature of the valuable equipment, the logistics involved in employing various modes of transport across international borders and the critical need for on-time delivery, Oversize Direct was entrusted to arrange transport. These pictures represent one of many journeys (Montreal, Quebec to Reston, Virginia). (Click to see the pictures)